The Hampshire School


The brief

We were thrilled when marketing agency PopComms approached us with this project for their client GEMS Education. The goal was to produce a two minute advert to replace the existing video on The Hampshire School website.

The Shoot

Due to the amount of classes and extra curriculum that takes place at the Hampshire School, we decided to film over two days. The first day we focused on recording audio: we interviewed children, parents and the head about the school. To create a calm atmosphere and coach the best performances out of these non-actors we hired our freelance director Mark McGann.

We took the recordings back to studio and transcribed them, allowing the client to pick their preferred soundbites. These soundbites then influenced our shots on shoot day two, the following week.

The Results

We edited down 8 hours of footage and 6 hours of audio into a two minute advert and produced a wonderfully powerful piece that shows off not only what the school has to offer academically, but the atmosphere and social support the school has.

The video has received positive reviews from the Hampshire School, GEMS Education and our client PopComms.