Explore Eastbourne


The brief

We were very excited when Bristol-based marketing agency Digital Visitor approached us with a project for their client Visit Eastbourne. They wanted to create three episodes that highlighted the culture, coast and luxurious food and drink that Eastbourne has to offer. All three episodes would be narrated and presented by celebrity brand ambassador Michaela Strachan.

The shoot

In the run up to the shoot we spent a few weeks refining the scripts and storyboards with Digital visitor until we felt we had three strong episodes that showed off everything Eastbourne has to offer. We then engaged director Mark McGann, a frequent collaborator of ours and a great asset when working on a presenter-led or actor-led film. A schedule was drawn up and we were ready for Day One of a two day shoot. Except we were given one big problem. Rain. Pouring rain. How we were supposed to show off Britain’s number one sea side location during a thunderstorm? Postponing the shoot was not an option, as Visit Eastbourne had already flown Michaela in from her home in South Africa.

Luckily, being the organised, quick thinkers that we are, we drew up a contingency plan. We filmed all the indoor locations on day one and by pulling all our resources together, thinking on our feet and drinking a lot of coffee, we were able to pack more locations than planned on day two.

The result

The client was extremely happy with the end result and requested further 30-second teasers for social media. You can watch all three episodes on the Visit Eastbourne website.