What to wear on camera, and how to look your best

If your identity is an important part of your brand, you might want to be in your videos. We understand that this can often feel uncomfortable and you’ll want to look your best.

Here are some tips for what to wear and the kind of things to avoid so you do look your best and have confidence while on camera.

Firstly, here are somethings to avoid:

1. Big brand logos

This one is fairly obvious, there are a lot of copyright reasons why no camera operator will film a person wearing a t-shirt with a big logo across the front. Also, nothing knocks confidence like having to borrow a ill-fitting jumper from a colleague. So best keep to plain clothing.

2. Tight patterns. 

Small, repetitive patterns such as stripes, plaid and houndstooth can sometimes cause the camera to strobe. This is distracting and will take away from your content.  Stay clear unless you want to give you viewer a headache.

3. Black and white

While you may think that black is sliming, it actually ages the skin because it creates a lot of shadows. A better option would be navy. On the other hand white reflects light and tends to be quite shocking on camera, so avoid this too.

…Now, you’re probably thinking “so that’s no logos, no patterns, no black and no white. What can I wear?”

And here’s is our answer:

4. Wear jewel tones

If you want to look your best on camera always stick to highly saturated colours like these. They don’t appear too bright or too dark against any background and compliment almost every skin tone.

The most important thing about appearing on camera is that you feel confident and we’ll always do our bests to insure you do. Got some questions about appearing on camera?  Tweet us @doubleshotvideo