It’s time for schools to start thinking seriously about video marketing.

Recently we did a shoot with agency POPComms for their client GEMS Education. This advert was created for The Hampshire School in Chelsea to compliment the school’s brand new website.

Video marketing is growing at an increasing rate and it’s time for schools to step up there video marketing efforts. Schools should start to think seriously about investing in video marketing for these following reasons.

What’s a prospectus?

Firstly, we now digest things through a multimedia medium and prospectuses are no longer as satisfactory as they once were. For a while now it’s felt like the education sector is left behind when it comes to digital marketing and that shouldn’t be the case. Some schools are still only getting round to making a website and while nobody would question the importance of that website, in today’s multimedia society, having video on that website is just as important.

You can share so much more!

Secondly, video is the best way to influence parents and students to enrol at your school because you can promote it in a immersive way. You don’t have to tell people how amazing your school is when they can see it! Viewers will really get a sense of the schools atmosphere and instantly feel if they could belong there.

The importance of testimonials.

Finally, hearing what others have to say about your school will have a much deeper effect on the viewers. The best marketing method is still ‘word of mouth’, so using real testimonials from both students and parents will have a lasting effect on the viewers.

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