Repurposing your video content for social media

We always encourage our clients to squeeze the most out of their budget by thinking of their project as a suite of video content rather than a single video. Our friends over at SEO & Social Media agency Noisy Little Monkey approached us with this idea for an interview vlog with a video production company, and how could we say no?

Watch the video here:


So obviously I know what it means because I’m a very clever person, but say I didn’t. What does repurposing video content actually mean?

Repurposing video content means taking the video that a video production company made for you, or the footage, and using that to create lots of different content in loads of different media formats.

Why should people that are watching this video start repurposing video for social?

It’s really a way that companies can save money by squeezing the most out of their budget. So, if you think about how a normal video production company works, you maybe do a one day shoot and then you’ll get a two minute video and that’s your budget gone. What we like to do is think about people having a one day shoot and then all this different media content that they can have and then they can share that on their social media and their website over months.

For us lazy marketers, can you think of three speedy ways that we can repurpose video content?

Of course I can. So, an obvious way that you can repurpose video content would be stills. You can just take screen grabs from the footage and then you have high quality stills to use across social media or on your website. You could then take these and make infographics a really easy graphic design software is Canva.

Similar to this, another one would be GIFs, you’ve probably seen GIFs on social media, they’re very popular on Twitter. They’re not hard to make at all, you can drop into an online website called GIPHY, and then the final way that you can repurpose video content is by creating mini-edits. So taking your two minute film and making maybe 15 or 30 second teasers. This probably a little bit harder to do. I would have this conversation with your video production company beforehand, but if you do want to do it yourself there’s some really easy free editing software, for Mac users iMovie and then PC users Windows Movie Maker.

Do you have any tips for optimising video content for social media?

I have three tips for optimising video for social media. The first one would be to always upload your videos directly. When you upload your videos directly to social media they autoplay in the viewer’s feed as opposed to hosting them on something like Vimeo or YouTube.

The second tip I have would be to add subtitles, when you do upload a video directly to social media, yes they autoplay, but they autoplay silently, and it’s very unlikely that people will actually click on sound, so adding subtitles is a really good way that people can engage with your video.

And then my final tip would be to cut intros. A lot of people have rules in their companies that you might have 5 seconds of your logo before the video even starts. Social media is really quick no one is going to watch your video if it’s just your logo or a graph, so come in on people, come in on people talking. People buy from people and video is the only media format where you can really share human emotion.

Oh, and one final way you can repurpose video content… a blooper reel.

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