A pleasant journey

We’re used to working to tight deadlines and dealing with many stakeholders. We developed a workflow that helps us, and our clients, navigate the production process easily.

1. Talk

We meet, understand your goals, and find out more about your target audience. This helps us design the film’s content and tone to meet your business objectives.

2. Devise

Based on the messages you need to communicate, we work with you to craft the content – whether this is a scripted piece, or a Q&A interview format.

3. Plan

We will plan the shoot, collaborating with you where necessary to select the contributors or cast, and locations. For adverts, we will also storyboard the film, and may need to conduct a recce – to view the locations prior to filming. During this stage, we also engage our crew, and create shot lists and schedules.

4. Shoot

We put the plan into action, and shoot the film – using our expertise and equipment to make every shot look and sound as good as possible.

5. Edit

Once everything is shot and backed-up, we begin editing – first producing a rough cut for you to view. At this stage we also select options for the music score.

6. Review

We review the rough cut with you, either in-person or online. Using our video platform, you can leave feedback directly on the video – so you don’t need to write timecode.

7. Polish

Once we’ve made any necessary changes, we’ll proceed to polish the film: mixing the audio, adding titles and graphics, and colour grading – to make each shot look it’s best.

8. Deliver

We’ll export a final cut for you to view. Once approved, we can deliver you a hi-definition video file, upload it to your own channels or websites, and we can even help you distribute the video – to ensure your target audience see it.


The whole process often takes 3-4 weeks, or longer for films with a big cast – but ask us if you need a video produced quickly. Get in touch to learn more.