Horse Cycles: a look inside the Brooklyn-based lifestyle brand


Doubleshot × Lagom: two teams with the same desire – to engage new readers and viewers, to work with independent brands and talk about modern lifestyle.

We met Elliot and Samantha, editors and founders of Lagom magazine to work on a new collaboration which would mix video, photography and copy as a way to approach lifestyle brands and projects.

The aim is to create short films that reveal not only good storytelling content for the public but also to affirm a style, ethos and approach that matters to us.

Creativity is a mix of skills, ideas and practice.


Horse Cycles’ story

Elliot and Samantha gave us a selection of subjects. Horse Cycles appealed to us as an authentic independent lifestyle brand.


We flew to New York and headed to Horse Cycles’ Brooklyn-based studio, ready to shoot with limited time and equipment.

We prepared questions and designed an outline storyboard for our shoot the next day.

The Shoot

We met Thomas in a nearby café and spent a couple of hours with him sharing ideas over coffee.

His cat Charles observed the interview and the heat from the coffee warmed our cold hands. It was -2° outside.

Thomas shared his unique story through vibrant words and exciting ideas. During the post-production process we selected the best soundbites.

The video combines close-ups using neutral tones to highlight Thomas’ craft, and an intentional dramatic soundtrack to emphasise his story.

You can read more about Thomas’ story and other lifestyle brands on the Lagom website. To see more behind the scenes pictures of our shoot with Horse Cycles follow us on Instagram.