Getting confident on camera

If your identity is an important part of your brand, you might want to be in your videos. We understand that this can feel unnatural, and while we do our best to make you feel as comfortable as possible, here are eight tips to help you gain confidence in front of a camera.

1. Practice – repeat the act like an athlete

The more you do, the more you learn.

Repetition in your preparation will help you build confidence and stop you messing up.

Set up time slots each day to talk facing a camera (using your phone, laptop, small camera). 30 minutes per day for a week can build you up quickly and efficiently.

2. Focus – keep your eyes open watching the lens

To gain confidence, it is important that you focus on the camera. We understand that this can feel odd, but allow your eyes to move naturally as if talking to someone and choose a quiet and clear environment with no distractions.

3. Warm up – exercise your voice

Don’t forget to warm up your voice beforehand. This will help you sound more relaxed.

Articulate your speech clearly and audibly and keep a neutral tone.

4. Prepare – make notes of your speech

Know what you want to say but not how you are going to say it. Plan ahead with bullet points or short sentences. Memorising ideas, not words, will help you sound spontaneous.

5. Dress-up – confidence in your shoes

Wear something in which you feel at your best. Remember, the camera doesn’t like stripes. We suggest dark colours (but not black) with a natural background.

6. Watch videos – get inspired by others

5 to 10 minutes of observation on platforms like Youtube or Vimeo will give you ideas on what works best when delivering lines and also what doesn’t. Notice how people introduce themselves, where their eyes move. Then make it yours.

7. Good mood – listen to music that inspires you

Athletes concentrate with moments of calm and motivational music tracks. Music gives your mind a boost. Waves of energy awake your senses and set you up to feel good.

8. Go – deliver your speech

We suggest no more than 10 takes. Drink water in between, and take a minute to break. Remember than you probably won’t get it right first time, but hey, that’s what editing is for right?

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