Free live video guide

Periscope, Facebook Live and now Instagram live have made live video streaming accessible to every business. Streaming live means you can share video with your social media followers from anywhere in the world at anytime. Viewers watch a live video because it is raw and authentic. They know that the information they are getting is the most up to date it can be.

Viewers of live video want content and they want it fast, and care less about the production value. But just because they don’t care, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t.

If you want your videos to be the best possible quality then make sure you follow these top tips:

1. Promote beforehand

Don’t just go live, tell people ahead of time when you will be going live and write a compelling description that will make people want to tune in at that time.

2. Make it steady

Nothing says home movie like shaky handheld footage. If you want your video to look professional never hold it yourself. Use a tripod or a mount. We recommend the Joby GorillaPod.

If you need to walk around the Gorilla Pod is also heavy enough to help stabilise your footage. (DIY tip: A selfie stick will also help.)

3. Shoot landscape

A lot of people won’t think this is hugely important because both Periscope and Facebook Live will scale your videos to fit the entire screen as box shape.

Only 10% of viewers will watch a video at full screen, however shooting landscape means that those 10% of people will get a full screen video and not a portrait video with black panels either side. It also means that you can save your videos after streaming and they will be the perfect 1920×1080 ratio for any hosting site, e.g. YouTube, Vimeo etc.

Just remember that when you are shooting, the sides of your videos will be cropped so try and keep all the action in the middle.

4. Record good audio

Viewers won’t forgive you for bad audio, if they can’t hear you clearly they will drop off right away. Minimise any background noise by picking a quiet place to film, away from any noise pollution, such as busy roads or loud air conditioning.

If you want your audio to be even more professional you should think about investing in a separate microphone. We recommend the Rode Video Mic Me. It’s so simple to use, you simply plug straight into an iPhone headphone jack (sorry to iPhone 7 users) and you’re good to go.

5. Add a call to action

We’re not saying that your videos should be boring sales pitches, they should be 90% entertainment and only 10% marketing. But when you’re focusing so hard on entertainment it easy to forget the reason behind the video. So don’t forget to add a clear call to action at the end.

6. Be consistent

Sadly, you won’t become an overnight success by doing live video the once. It takes time. Make a plan about when and how often you are going to live steam for and then be consistent with your filming.

…and most importantly, have fun!


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