Making a magazine in the digital age


Reading a magazine on a train or plane is a common occurrence at Doubleshot. Despite working digitally, we get inspired and search for new ideas away from the screen.

Bristol is home to multiple magazine makers. Elbow Grease, designed and crafted by Tom Sydenham came to us by word of mouth.

Elbow Grease 1

Who is Tom Sydenham?

Bristol-based designer, Tom is interested in identity. His main focus is to help find what’s important, and tell that story honestly. That’s the goal. It’s called branding too but he prefers to think of it as uncovering a bit of character.

Elbow Grease 2

Elbow Grease’s journey

Tired of seeing entrepreneurism painted the same way, Tom made Elbow Grease. From his own words:

“It’s tough, you make use of limited resources, you need to value collaboration. Elbow Grease sheds a light on work and small business in a way I’ve not seen before. It’s an honest representation of the efforts people go to, not to say it’s not inspirational in it’s own way, but it’s not glamorous either. It’s honest.”

Elbow Grease 3

The shoot

One day filming, across six locations.
Another day to record the audio.


The video was shot on a Sony FS7 with a Canon Macro 100mm and a wide 16-35mm, a tripod and a slider.

Elbow Grease 4

We captured different ambiances from the printing offices to a pub, giving contrast to the tones. The voiceover has been re-shot, to move away from the conventional approach of the first take. We edited and audio mixed the video on Premiere Pro CC as well as the grading using an SLOG3 Kodak look.

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